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  • About us

    About us

    Ricevo S.r.l. was born in 2018, and it's a holding company which, thanks to the enthusiasm and expertise of a team of experts in the construction sector, led the design and construction of numerous buildings with high energy performance, both in Friuli and in various regions.

    James Anthony Froude used to say:
    "Experience teaches slowly, and at the cost of mistakes."

    Our team, in over two decades of activity, has faced and learned from the many obstacles in the sector, bearing the costs of every mistake with the determination to constantly improve.

    Our belief is that the experience acquired becomes truly precious only when it is shared and used to create new realities, realizing the dreams not only of individuals but of the entire team. This philosophy pushed us to use our know-how as a lever to give life to a new ambitious project.

    Our goal is to grow this project into a large group, capable of innovating the real estate sector. We have created a structure that allows us to adopt a highly efficient, flexible workflow and always ready to adapt to continuous market changes, testifying to the strength and cohesion of our team.

    This is how the RicEvo (Research and Evolution) Group was born, with Ricevo Solutions S.r.l. as the operative section, divided into the following internal departments, in order to meet management and development needs.

    · Marketing department: market analysis, communication and customer acquisition strategy;
    · Commercial department: network development and sale of services;
    · Production department: technical department, warehouse organisation, coordination of production activities;
    · Administration department: administrative and financial coordination, documentation management and accounting;
    · Security department: legal, data and know-how protection, occupational safety;
    · Human resources department: selection, training and management of company personnel;
    · Research and development department: targeted research and development of products and services;
    · Information systems department: IT maintenance and protection.

    The ambitious goals we consciously set for our holding are forcing us to continuously question and train ourselves, to solve complex problems and to challenge our limits. To be honest, we are so delighted to so do, simply because we are doing what we have always longed for: growing and gaining new experiences.
    However, the greatest satisfaction is to see that our products and our services are extremely useful and generate a real value both for us and for anyone who has invested on us, not to mention the staff, collaborators, suppliers and financiers.


    We take responsibility of innovating the industry using an ethical and responsible approach, with great attention to the market needs, respecting life and human beings.


    We aim to expand and grow our holding continuously by collaborating with every entrepreneur, investor, collaborator and professional who shares our value system and our mission.

    Indeed, our goal is to create start-ups, enterprises and services really capable of responding in a concrete, tangible and incisive manner to the real needs of the real estate and related markets.

    About us

    Marco Zanello, who grew up in the countryside of Friuli Venezia Giulia, learnt at a very young age to appreciate the value of people, the importance of the environment and the effectiveness of the simplest things in life.

    Since he was a child, he has been driven by the ambition to grow and learn new things. That is why he became an entrepreneur right after graduating from high school, with a diploma in communication techniques.

    After an initial work experience on building sites, he dedicated himself to the development of the family’s building company, achieving excellent results in the field of high energy-efficiency buildings.

    Marco's desire to constantly improve himself as an entrepreneur and as a leader, pushed him to undertake different training courses in building companies, working alongside the prominent figures of the field, learning from his mistakes and experimenting with different entrepreneurial initiatives, that have forged his mindset as a serial entrepreneur.

    Hence his desire to create a project to innovate the real estate sector responding to the market demands.

    This led to the creation, in 2018, of the RicEvo Group, in which Marco has the role to make strategic decisions to generate new business opportunities, in full compliance with the company mission.

    Alessandro Coslanich, born and raised in a dynamic city like Trieste, has developed the ability to adapt to different contexts and situations.

    After obtaining a degree in Materials Engineering at the University of Trieste, he first worked in the steel and transport sectors, before starting his own business and becoming passionate about the world of high energy saving construction.

    In his career as a freelancer he has held various roles in the design and construction management of the systems of some of the best performing buildings in all of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

    Driven by the desire to get involved and innovate, Alessandro undertook a path of personal growth and technical training in the real estate sector, which forged his entrepreneurial characteristics which he made available to the project shared with Marco .

    Within the RicEvo Group, Alessandro is responsible for coordinating the production of the business units under development and all aspects of financial evaluation of both existing and future business and real estate projects.

    The RicEvo Group is, for Alessandro, "a group made up of honest and prepared people, who make training and continuous growth their daily bread".