Ricevo Solutions
  • We operate in the B2B and B2C market creating and developing services, activities and companies connected to real estate and related market, capable of meeting the customers’ needs.

    We are constantly collaborating with other entrepreneurs and investors, in order to co-create innovative projects and contribute to the growth of activities that already exist in the market, by sharing all the positive outcomes.

    In Ricevo Solutions S.r.l. we work like this:

    Market analysis

    We analyse the market and its opportunities both quantitatively and qualitatively. In other words, we identify the audience, outline the needs and analyse the existing competitors, aiming to collect real and up-to-date data.



    We structure an initial strategy, a unique value proposition and a profit-generating business model, in order to creare the minimum viable product.



    We test its effectiveness on a selected market share, monitoring the results and getting some metrics that we generally use to refine our strategy.


    Business plan

    We define the business plan keeping in mind a wide range of elements such as: growth and development projections, expected profits, necessary funds and possible partnerships with suppliers, lenders, entrepreneurs and investors.



    We structure our project with assets, people, partnerships, tools, processes, procedures and marketing strategy.


    Market launch

    Once everything is set, we plan the market launch, always monitoring the results over time. In doing so, we are able to refine the entire strategy, reaching the best results for everyone involved in the project.

    Our Services


    Rinnovazero offers to homeowners the opportunity to renovate their property by taking advantage of incentives such as Ecobonus and Bonus Facciate: all inclusive, with a secured offer, without any down payment and with the possibility of the invoice discount.
    We launched Rinnovazero in August 2020 and we released it on the market in February 2021: ever since the first months, it has proved to be a project with a unique value proposition across Italy.
    Indeed, our extensive study of the market has allowed us to structure a flexible business model, which has proven to perfectly adapt to any sudden market shift.
    Rinnovazero is perfectly tailored to the desires of the target audience, with an efficient system of site selection and personnel. Thus, it has become a circuit of partnerships and professionals rooted in the territory, with a standardised process for an efficient site management.

    Contract construction of turnkey villas

    We build customised, turnkey, single-family villas that meet the highest energy efficiency requirements. Indeed, we have obtained prestigious certifications, such as CasaClima® or Passivhaus.
    We implement a proven construction method that has allowed us to build houses with very high living comfort and very low energy consumption for more than 10 years.
    Our working method is based on:
    - a combination of simple and functional architectural choices, that guarantee the effectiveness of all construction nodes;
    - the use of traditional materials and extremely high-performance thermal insulation.

    Stanza Semplice Udine

    Stanza Semplice Udine offers to young students and workers the opportunity to find an accommodation in the city of Udine, in refurbished flats with shared facilities, in single rooms with dedicated keys and contract, without deposit and commission, and with assistance and cleaning service totally included.
    Stanza Semplice is based on subletting. This means that flat owners can benefit from a guaranteed rent, a complete management of the property and a full coordination of all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work.