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    “People who share the same values ​​and goals can achieve any business together.”
    Marco Zanello

    The greatest business projects always stem from the collaboration of several skilled minds.

    That is the great truth that allowed us to achieve a wide range of satisfied customers and to market countless successful projects in our region.

    Better to say, this idea has been guiding RicEvo for more than 20 years now. It is what fuels our dynamism, the driving force behind our desire to collaborate with anyone who shares our values.

    That means companies, suppliers and professionals driven by our own same desire to make a real difference in the innovation process, through an ethical and sustainable approach, respecting life and human beings.

    We aim to grow our entrepreneurial projects and those shared with virtuous partners, in order to generate value both for us and for those who will choose to believe in us, in our many years of experience, and in our transversal skills.

    We are totally aware of the vastness of this field: that is why we have created several access channels if you want to cooperate with us at RicEvo Solutions.

    Let’s discover them!

    Invest in us, invest in our proven skills!

    Invest in our corporate strength, the result of 20 years of experimentation, of testing and above all, of hard work. We have generated tangible results for all players involved in our projects, regionally and beyond: join us to innovate the real estate sector!

    Become our supplier

    We strongly believe that having the right resources at the right time is essential to be successful. Become one of our suppliers and help us to carry out our projects!

    Work with us to your project

    Let your ideas grow and shape them concretely. We will help you to design your project, marketing it in an effective and incisive way.

    Work with us

    We believe that working within a stimulating, innovative environment, in which meritocracy really exists is the key point for the professional growth of our team and for the achievement of our business goals.


    Choose your context, take your opportunity and grow with us!

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