Ricevo Solutions
  • We deal with 

    real estate development 

    operations in 

    Friuli Venezia Giulia 

    and in neighbouring 


    Practically, we design and create residential, tourist and office real estate solutions concerning various options. From the renovation of existing buildings to the demolition and reconstruction of new building complexes.

    In Ricevo Solutions S.r.l. we work like this:

    Market analysis

    Analysing the market is essential to create a successful real estate operation, whether it is acquiring an existing real estate complex or starting from a request determined by a housing need.
    To be sure of uniting supply and demand, people and territory , we always start from a profound study of the market , in all its trends and changes.


    Business plan

    We build the operation through the preparation of a business plan that takes into account all the determining factors such as the purchase price, the incentives that can be combined, the needs of the parties involved, the necessary capital, the values ​​of resale and lease.



    When all the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly, we pack a strategy in able to align our customers' requests with the real opportunities offered by market.
    We leverage our real estate sales system which includes techniques such as: pre-sale, open-house, home staging, digital marketing tools / physical materials, and partnerships with the most important agencies in the area.



    We entrust the design and practical implementation of our real estate proposal to our professional partners and trusted companies.
    At this stage, we take care of project management in order to respond to the highest quality standards respecting the expected realization times.

    Our priorities

    Building in a complete harmony with the surroundings

    In RicEvo, we have always adopted only the architectural solutions that allow our customers to experience their future home in complete comfort and fully respecting the environment.
    After so many years of researching and testing different residential solutions, we have decided to avoid the use of square and aseptic shapes, unnatural materials and contrasting colours.
    Indeed, we focus more on the study of functional solutions, creating buildings that are completely integrated with the surroundings and the urban context, taking into consideration the culture and the history of the area.


    Energy efficiency and ecology

    Our proprieties meet the highest energy classes, thanks to their low energy consumption and high living comfort.
    Indeed, we use: state-of-the-art heating systems, renewable energy sources, innovative thermal and acoustic insulation solutions, environmentally sustainable materials.


    Technology is welcomed, but in the right measure

    We firmly believe that technology should be at the service of man, and not vice versa. Especially in the building industry.
    That is exactly why, in all our projects, we include technological functions that really have a proven usefulness in everyday life. In this way, we avoid the use of those technological solutions that could in any way harm people.